Publication Policies

Publication Policies

International Journal of Turkology Studies and Reviews (ULUTURKAD) is an internationally indexed journal and is published twice a year. If necessary, special or additional issues can be published.

ULUTURKAD is a journal that publishes articles from all areas of social sciences. In this context, it publishes original scientific articles, translations, translation-articles, books-rewiews, symposiums and panels works. In addition, symposium papers can be published, provided that the place, meeting and date of the presentation is recorded and not published elsewhere. However, the responsibility of any problem likely to arise from this publication belongs to the author.

♦ Submitting your manuscript to ULUTURKAD means that your work has not been published before in any other journal, book or in a book chapter, be it printed or online (except in the form of an abstract or an academic thesis), that it is also not in any way under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Those who want to send articles to ULUTURKAD  to be published must first subscribe to the journal system at and then submit their work to the journal through the Article Tracking System.

♦ Adding any article to the electronic system of ULUTURKAD is accepted as an application for the publication of the article and the evaluation process of the article begins.

♦ All processes from the submission of the application to the publication of the article are carried out electronically.

♦ Printing and publication rights of articles sent to ULUTURKAD for publication will be transferred to the journal. These articles cannot be published, reproduced or used without reference to any other publication without the permission of the journal management. ULUTURKAD can publish the published texts on various platforms.

♦ Any legal, legal, economic and ethical responsibility that may arise from the articles sent to ULUTURKAD belongs to the authors, even if the article in question was published. The journal does not accept any responsibility in this regard.